Complete ChatGPT Tutorial – [Become A Power User in 30 Minutes]

Complete ChatGPT Tutorial – [Become A Power User in 30 Minutes]

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In this video, I will show you the 10 major types of commands you can give ChatGPT so you can get the most out of the most powerful tool on the internet.


0:00 Getting Started
1:40 Understanding The Interface
4:15 Command Type 1
7:30 Command Type 2
9:45 Command Type 3
14:38 Command Type 4
15:50 Command Type 5
16:50 Command Type 6
18:40 Command Type 7
19:50 Command Type 8
21:08 Command Type 9
24:00 Command Type 10
25:15 Two TIPS For Better Answers

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Originally posted 2023-02-25 14:46:49.