Can Google Gemini kill the rise of ChatGPT? : Google vs Microsoft Business case study

Can Google Gemini kill the rise of ChatGPT? : Google vs Microsoft Business case study

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On the 6th of December 2023, Google launched something called GEMINI Pro! This is a very big step in the tech world because last December, Google was facing an existential crisis, and we all know why!

Until now, Google has been a monopoly in the search market with a 91% market share!
But suddenly Open AI came in and disrupted the entire search engine market!
Now most people would argue that Chatgpt barely has 180 million users which is 23 times smaller than Google!So why would Google be worried?

Well, this is because Chatgpt is literally the fastest growing internet consumer business in history!

While Instagram took 2.5 years to hit 100 million users, TikTok took about nine months to reach 100 million but chatgpt barely took 5 days to hit 1 million users and just 60 days to hit 100 Million users!
So at this pace, by next year, if chatGPT has 1 Billion users, it will take away 25% of Google’s market share!

And more importantly, Open AI has the cash support from a powerful player like Microsoft which has reputation of killing companies using its business tactics!

This is the reason why when Bard failed to show competency, the stock price of Google fell by 10% and Google lost 100 Billion dollars in stock value in a single week!

So now Google has launched Gemini Nano, Gemini pro, and Gemini Ultra!
3 revolutionary AI products are expected to beat the dominating rise of Chatgpt!
This had a such crazy reaction in the stock market that Alphabet’s stock price rose by 5% and gained 80 billion dollars in value in a single day!

So the question is,
What is the story of this AI war between Google and Microsoft?
What is so special about Gemini nano, pro and ultra that they are called the Chatgpt killers?
What is the technical difference between Gemini and Chatgpt?
And as students of business, what can we learn from this tech war between Google and Microsoft?

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