Quickly Learn ANYTHING using ChatGPT in 2023! (Unique Method) 🧠

Quickly Learn ANYTHING using ChatGPT in 2023! (Unique Method) 🧠

ChatGPT is a great tool for learning new information. Not only can it generate solid information on thousands of subjects, but ChatGPT can teach you in a way that helps you retain and learn new topics or skills faster than ever before. In this ChatGPT tutorial I dive into my method of learning in ChatGPT and how it’s helped me become more productive.

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0:00 – 10x Learning Speeds
0:32 – My Process (5 Steps)
2:27 – ChatGPT Course and Community
3:02 – Selecting a Topic or Skill
3:24 – Metacognition Phase 1
5:20 – Finding Key Concepts
8:02 – Explaining Information to a Child
10:08 – Mind-mapping Your Ideas
13:47 – Metacognition Phase 2
15:10 – Action Steps
17:41 – Metacognition Phase 3
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Originally posted 2023-07-31 16:00:10.