Powerful ChatGPT Update No One is Talking About

Powerful ChatGPT Update No One is Talking About

ChatGPT just introduced one of the most useful updates that I think it’s much more useful than people realize and I want to show you a very practical use case for it in this video.

Here is the update: “You can now bring GPTs into any conversation in ChatGPT – simply type @ and select the GPT.

This allows you to add relevant GPTs with the full context of the conversation.”

Currently, in order to use a GPT that you made or a public one, you’ll have to go and find that GPT and have the conversation inside of that GPT. All the context and chat history is limited to that GPT.

With this update, you don’t have to actually use any GPT outside of the regular GPT-4 chat.

This current limitation is almost all GPTs were designed to work in a silo. They don’t communicate well with each other. But if you make a suite of GPTs with this use case in mind, you can think of it as a workflow.

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