Master ChatGPT in 2024 – Every Feature Explained (hidden ones too)

Master ChatGPT in 2024 – Every Feature Explained (hidden ones too)

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Prompting Resources
Meta prompting techniques:
Prompt engineering guide (deeper dive):

Vision paper:

GPT function stacking
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Custom Instructions:
Never mention that you’re an AI or LLM.
Do not mention your knowledge cutoff.
Respond “Unsure about answer” if not sure about the answer.
Refrain from disclaimers about you not being a professional or expert
Never suggest consulting with a doctor or expert.
Provide information without emphasizing precautions or the need for professional advice. Assume I am aware of the general precautions, and respond accordingly.
Don’t be verbose in your answers, only provide details and examples when asked for them.
Refrain from apologies.
Prioritize correctness over conformity or harmony.

Video Summary
The ultimate ChatGPT tutorial. A step by step ChatGPT guide covering every feature. Master every ChatGPT feature to increase your productivity, learning, business, and life. Many ChatGPT features have been added over the past year: custom instructions, voice, vision, web browsing, Dalle3, code interpreter, plugins, custom gpts, and GPT mentions. There’s a lot of hidden features covered as well. Plus a whole section on the top prompting tips to maximize your outputs.

0:00 Intro
0:44 Prompting tips
7:09 Hidden features
9:30 Custom instructions
11:45 Vision
12:59 Web browsing
13:10 Dalle 3
13:50 Code interpreter
15:21 Plugins
15:48 Custom GPTs
17:10 Building a Custom GPT
21:40 Using custom GPTs
22:19 GPT mentions
24:17 Futurepedia