Don’t Use ChatGPT Until You Watched This Video

Don’t Use ChatGPT Until You Watched This Video

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Today’s video is all about Open AI’s amazing language model ChatGPT. 99% of the people use ChatGPT in beginner mode. They don’t know how to structure prompts and waste a lot of time going back and forth. I’ll show you how you can engineer the perfect prompts to explore the full potential of ChatGPT. From custom instructions to your own writing style, to using ChatGPT as its own critic or prompt engineer and how to get different output formats other than text.

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00:00 How to Create the Perfect ChatGPT Prompt
00:30 Remember Me – Custom Instructions
04:33 Write Like You – Custom Writing Style
06:28 Self-Critique
07:27 Self-Prompting
10:20 Make it Crisp
11:30 Different Output Formats
13:05 Wrap Up

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Originally posted 2023-09-21 09:00:43.