This AI Killed ChatGPT – You Just Don’t Know It Yet

This AI Killed ChatGPT – You Just Don’t Know It Yet

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6 months ago, #openai changed the world forever when they released #chatgpt to the public. Less than 2 months later, ChatGPT hit 100 million users. That’s 6 times faster than TikTok, 15 times faster than Instagram, and over 25 times faster than Spotify. But @OpenAI’s ChatGPT didn’t just take the world by storm. It took all of Silicon Valley hostage.

See, Google is the current king of search, and their search business brings in around $150 billion dollars a year in ad revenue. Google stock ( GOOG stock ) was in big trouble. Over the next couple days, Google’s stock lost over $150 BILLION dollars in value. And a Bloomberg report later showed that Google employees begged the company not to release #googlebard in its current state, finding that it would often return potentially harmful, if not downright dangerous advice.

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Originally posted 2023-05-25 15:16:11.