Superpower Your Linked In With ChatGPT Browsing

Superpower Your Linked In With ChatGPT Browsing

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Today we look at how to use ChatGPT and ChatGPT Browsing to generate LinkedIn Content and improve your profile.


What are the main keywords on LinkedIn for a [job title] in the [specific industry]?

Based on the following formula and information above, write a LinkedIn headline using the top keywords. No more than 120 characters.

Follow the structure: [Job Title] at [Company] + [keywords] or [Value Proposition] + [Specialty] or [Achievements] + [Keywords]

Use the following information to write a LinkedIn Summary section. Include an emotionally engaging opening statement. Write in a conversational, but professional style. Limit your response to 300 words. Here is my information: [information]

Write a LinkedIn Summary section using my resume. Use keywords [keywords]. Keep it shorter than 200 words. Here is my resume:

Article Writing Prompt Sequence:
1. Provide article suggestions for my LinkedIn profile based on [industry] news released on [Date].These suggestions should address current trends, challenges, or best practices that professionals in this field would find valuable and engaging.

2. Based on the above news stories, write 3 articles for my LinkedIn addressing todays news stories using a professional and friendly style, with a focus on improved productivity and millennials in the US.

3. Write an article for a [publication type] addressing [topic] using [writing style], with a focus on [specific angle] and [target audience].

0:00 Why do this?
0:54 Start With A Headline
3:33 Writing a Profile Summary
5:22 LinkedIn Content Made Easy
6:44 Re-Work News Into Articles

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