How ChatGPT made me 10X better in Excel Formulas 💡

How ChatGPT made me 10X better in Excel Formulas 💡

AI tools like ChatGPT are great for enhancing your Excel skills. In this video, I present 7 tactics I use to 10x my Excel formula skills.

1️⃣ Asking AI for the formula
2️⃣ Explain it to me
3️⃣ Alternatives
4️⃣ Debug the formula with AI
5️⃣ Give me clues
6️⃣Test my skills
7️⃣ Critique my approach

📁 Download sample data file
Grab the sample data file from here

📚 Video topics:
0:00 – Using AI to improve your Excel skills
0:25 – The data and setup
1:24 – The first tactic – asking AI to do the work for you
2:58 – Asking for Explanations
5:31 – Proof that AI can’t do everything
6:01 – AI to make a few alternatives
7:17 – Debugging the problems with ChatGPT
9:00 – Going to the next level – truly improving your skills
9:50 – Getting AI to give you clues
11:55 – Asking ChatGPT to test your knowledge
13:09 – Using AI to critique your approach
15:26 – How to use CoPilot to build things for you in Excel?

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