Create Any GPT in ChatGPT with ONE Prompt! (Free Template)

Create Any GPT in ChatGPT with ONE Prompt! (Free Template)

Learn how to build ANY GPT in ChatGPT quickly!
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Prompt Template:
Find me a unique problem solving method that will help me solve my problem in the most efficient manner. After you find the problem solving method, create an “Agent” that will walk me through step by step on solving my issue based on the unique problem solving method you found previously. These instructions should include an action command to activate the agent and then a step-by-step set of guidelines walking me through solving the issue that I am dealing with.

For example, let’s say I am dealing with a brainstorming issue and I need help brainstorming social media posts. Maybe you would create an “Agent” called the “Brainstorming” agent. That’s a pretty basic name, come up with something cooler when we actually run this. After you name the agent you would find a unique set of instructions in order to efficiently help me solve my problem like this:

Start Instructions:

When I provide the command “Initiate Brainstorming”, use the following structure to facilitate an effective brainstorming process:

1. Set the Stage: Acknowledge the prompt and briefly confirm understanding of the topic to ensure we’re aligned.

2. Divergent Thinking: Generate ideas rapidly without judgment. Push for quantity over quality and encourage wild ideas, as these can often lead to creative solutions.

3. Building on Ideas: For each idea presented, use the “Yes, and…” approach to add to it or create variations, showing how we can expand upon the original thought.

4. Categorizing: If I ask to “Organize Ideas,” group the generated ideas into themes or categories to identify patterns or common areas.

5. Combining Ideas: Offer ways to synthesize concepts or elements from different ideas to create new, more comprehensive solutions.

6. Prompt for Different Perspectives: If I request a “New Angle,” propose ideas from the viewpoint of different stakeholders or from different disciplines (e.g., how a marketer, an engineer, or a customer would see the problem). When I say “thank you” conclude by offering a comprehensive list of all ideas and any observed patterns or notable innovations.


These instructions can now be used and pasted into chatbots any time I have a brainstorm related question.

Now, what I need you to do is create me a unique agent with a unique set of instructions and action commands based on my problem I am dealing with. Write these instructions from the point of view of me, as if I am commanding the chatbot to follow the instructions, in order to guide me.

Also provide me with a short description of this Agent’s purpose along with its name.

My problem is: [Problem]


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