NEW ChatGPT Mac App & More AI Use Cases

NEW ChatGPT Mac App & More AI Use Cases

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In this video I’ll show you ChatGPT’s new Mac app, Claude’s new Projects feature, a free AI app that generates an entire internet for you, and much, much more. AI is supposed to slow down during the summer, but it sure hasn’t yet!


Google Maps to Anime. Just started learning SD. Loving it so far.
byu/TheGabmeister inStableDiffusion


0:00 What’s New?
0:17 ChatGPT Mac App
2:23 Claude Projects
4:22 Brilliant
5:33 Freepik Retouch
6:43 Magnific Relight
8:43 Websim
10:12 Google Maps to Anime
10:47 Star Wars Team
11:25 SecAI
12:32 Co-Producer
13:11 –SREF Resource

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