AI News: The ChatBot That FINALLY Beats ChatGPT

AI News: The ChatBot That FINALLY Beats ChatGPT

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Resources From Today’s Video:
Claude 3 Surpasses GPT-4:
Amazon’s Anthropic Investment:
DBRX by Databricks:
Stability AI Announcement:
Emad’s Decision on Stability AI:
Introducing Stable Code 3B:
Grok Access for Premium Subscribers:
GPT Monetization Pilot Program:
Matt Schlicht on GPT Monetization:
Nick Dobos on GPT Monetization:
New Features for GPT-4 and DALL-E 3:
Sora First Impressions:
Hollywood and Sora:
Voice-to-Voice Demo:
Adobe’s AI Tools and Partnership:
Adobe GenStudio:
HeyGen’s Avatar in Motion:
LTX Studio’s Digital Storytelling:
MIT’s Image Generation Method:
Bezi AI:
Kwebbelkop’s AI Minecraft Update:

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Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
0:10 New Bot Beats GPT-4
0:48 Amazon invests BIG in Claude
1:47 New Leader in Open-Source LLMs
2:49 Stability AI Shakeup
4:50 Stable Code Instruct 3B
5:12 Grok Available For X Premium
5:40 Custom GPTs Make Money Now
7:02 Using AI To Scale Your Content
8:01 ChatGPT Getting Rid of Limits?
8:46 New Sora Videos
9:50 OpenAI Goes To Hollywood
10:33 Hume AI Has Empathy
12:38 Adobe GenStudio
13:44 HeyGen Avatars in Motion
14:49 LTX Studio
15:37 Distribution Matching Distillation
16:20 Leonardo AI Updates
18:01 Bezi AI – New 3D AI
19:55 AI Generated Minecraft Commentary Videos
21:23 Final Thoughts