ChatGPT vs. World’s Hardest Exam

ChatGPT vs. World’s Hardest Exam

In this video, I discuss the solution to a problem from the 2022 International Mathematics Olympiad and see how ChatGPT fares with it.

⭐️ Links/references:
IMO Grand Challenge:
OpenAI blog about Formal Math:
IMO 2022 paper:
Solution to the IMO problem from ArtofProblemSolving:
Solution to the IMO problem from Evan Chen:
Sparks of AGI paper from Microsoft:
Formal Mathematics Statement Curriculum Learning paper:
GPT-4 Technical Report (mentioned the exams it has passed):
People betting on if AI will get gold:

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0:00 – The IMO Grand Challenge
2:33 – 2022 IMO Problem
8:18 – Giving it to ChatGPT
10:56 – A different model
13:43 – Patron Cat of the Day

Originally posted 2023-05-25 13:18:58.